Be yourself. Be original. Max – The Original.

We want “MAX –  The Original.” to be a place rich in memories for friends, business partners, tourists, clubs and families where they enjoy to meet and to feel at ease. “MAX-The Original.” is to be a total work of art, made up of many valuable parts and encouraging people to discover their own originality. We create culinary experiences for our customers by combining the extraordinary framework with an elegant, fresh and creative cuisine that uses regional products wherever possible. Our aim is not only to serve our customers, but to delight them, while respecting our core values.

Our vision and values manifesto covers 10 focal points that are both our promises to customers, collaborators and the community:

  1. High commitment is our trademark. Our guests feel welcomed from the reception to the departure.
  2. A fascinating ambience distinguishes us. Our rooms are carefully designed, stimulatingly decorated and atmospherically illuminated, our terraces spread a holiday atmosphere. Every visit with us is an experience.
  3. Our kitchen is creative and meticulous. It is basically regionally rooted and seasonally up-to-date. Local producers play an important role and specialities from other countries will surprise our guests.
  4. Respect and development are the guidelines of our personnel policy. We create perspectives – from bottom to top. Thanks to fairness and good conditions we are a sought-after employer. We also give opportunities to people with disabilities.
  5. Communication has a key function. Our interaction is open and companionable. We communicate with the outside world in a witty and inclusive manner.
  6. Max is a popular meeting place for friends, groups, and families. Tourists experience history and modernity at the same time. To achieve this, we always use the versatility of our location in new and creative ways.
  7. Sustaining regional networks and promoting creativity: we develop new gastronomic concepts involving partners, suppliers, artists, guest chefs and many more and are open for initiatives that open up new possibilities.
  8. We work efficiently, well thought out and successfully. This motivates us and confirms our path of values and business policy.
  9. Contributions to society. With sustainability, the preservation of cultural heritage and development projects, we make our contribution to the city and society.
  10. Max – The Original is to be a total work of art made up of many valuable parts and aspects. We are creating a place with an aura far beyond Sibiu.

Closely connected to the restaurant is Max & Marlise Schweizer Foundation. Our restaurant shares the values and supports the foundation’s objectives that focus on the sustainable development of all the main business stakeholders: employees, suppliers, partners, various collaborators.