Loyalty program

Max & Friends – our loyalty program

Max & Friends is an alliance of companies that share the same values. Through a joint loyalty program, Max & Friends member companies provide benefits to each other’s customers based on a loyalty card.
Specifically, Max – The Original offers Max & Friends card customers discounts on all food, beverage, apartment rentals and events, priority on table reservations and event registrations, and a subscription to our newsletter with news and events for all Max & Friends members.

Max & Friends cards come in three loyalty levels. Each customer receives discounts according to their loyalty level as follows:

Loyalty level 1: Max & Friends Card 3% discount

Loyalty level 2: Max & Friends SILVER Card 5% discount

Loyalty level 3: Max & Friends GOLD Card 10% discount

Become a member of the Max & Friends community! 

Anyone can sign up for the first loyalty level, just enter your personal information here on the website or come to our restaurant and fill out the registration form. For more details, please read the full loyalty program rules.

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    Max & Friends member companies

    In addition to Max – The Original Restaurant, three other companies that share the same vision and values are part of the Max & Friends Alliance:
    Max Development – is a solid company with Swiss roots, German reliability and selected local partners, operating exclusively in the segment of quality construction.
    Herlan & Associates – is a company that aims to provide accounting, financial accounting and tax consulting services that add real value to your business, in accordance with EU quality standards.
    Solid Construct – is a construction company known for the high quality of the work carried out, whether in new construction projects or in restoration and renovation projects.