Max Apartments

Max Apartments – part of the friendly community of the Lower Town

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Max Apartment House is run by a young and enthusiastic team that is happy to get involved in promoting local resources in business. From local food, to local suppliers and materials, everything is designed to welcome you with a local specific scent, adapted to our modern times. We are part of the same entity as the Max-The Original restaurant and part of our income goes back to the community through the Max & Marlise Schweizer Foundation.

Max Apartment House is located in the Lower Town of the historic centre of Sibiu, in the immediate vicinity of the Great Square and the Small Square. We are happy and proud to promote and protect the heritage of the former guilds of artisans who worked in this part of the city and we hope to carry on this legacy, honouring the values ​​of old trades, such as professionalism and dedication. At the same time, we are part of an active and friendly urban community that offers many services to those who visit the area and the locals.

Our apartments are named after some old streets of our vicinity, being thus an invitation to discover the area and to have a pleasant stay. We are waiting for you:

Strada Vopsitorilor / Färbergasse, on Strada Pielarilor / Lederergasse, on Strada Plopilor / Schiffsbäumel and on Strada Pietrarilor / Rosenfeld.

The apartments are designed for a longer stay, all with a well-equipped kitchenette and a living room next to the bedroom. However, they can be booked for a short period, being a good starting point for a tour of the historic centre or for a business meeting. The 4 apartments have an area between 40 and 60 square meters, two of them with sofa beds, so a larger capacity. All our rooms have queen size (double) beds, making them ideal for families with children.

The apartments are equipped with a refrigerator that also has a minibar. Our rooms are usually rented without breakfast, but on request we can include breakfast at one of the nearby partner cafés. The apartments have TV, Wi-Fi and through our staff we can recommend various ways to spend your free time.