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MAX & FRIENDS – Max the Original


Not just a restaurant. A community of people sharing the same values and dreams.

Max & Friends is about us. About the people who ensoul this place with a rich history and give it a new meaning today. Max & Friends is about the community we build around us and the values we share with friends.

Specifically, Max & Friends will represent a series of special events and actions that we want host for you in a proper way. We want to meet, talk and eat together with the members of our community!

For the beginning, we will host various thematic evenings focused on two directions: one to support cultural activities in Sibiu and the region, and another to bring to the same table those active in economic life in the city and Southern Transylvania.

More information about our current events can be found in the News section.
We also offer our guests an attractive loyalty system through which we offer them various advantages of being members in our community. We refer to two categories of advantages:

  • one, related to the gastronomy part and the way we develop the restaurant. Here we include small tastings every time we think to change the menu and we need your opinion. We also mean to include actions to support local producers with whom we will collaborate and whose products we will test with you. There is also a part regarding informing you before the general public about our events and other intangible, but very attractive benefits.
  • on the other hand, we are also talking about economic advantages such as the existence of a discount card

We look forward to welcoming you to our community of loyal guests. More details about our loyalty program can be found here.

Our activity in the restaurant is naturally accompanied by the existence of a non-profit foundation, the Max and Marlise Schweizer Foundation.

The purpose of the foundation is to protect the Transylvanian and European heritage, both built and intangible, and to promote, revive and develop it through sustainable and creative activities. These activities must in particular contribute to the development of the region and thus serve the local population by providing them with long-term perspectives.

During the Max & Friends events, there will be often joint actions with the activity of the foundation and it will collaborate closely with the community of guests in the restaurant.