Max & Marlise Schweizer Foundation

The Max and Marlise Schweizer Foundation, founded in 2020, is a culmination of the Schweizer family’s activities in Sibiu and Transylvania and its involvement in various economic and social life of the local community. At the same time, the foundation is a concrete way to ensure a cultural and social heritage of the family in our city.

The foundation is managed by Mr. Cristian Cismaru and Mrs. Alice Herlan and also includes Mr. Cornel Raba as a member of the board of directors, all three from Sibiu.

The purpose of the foundation is to protect the Transylvanian and European heritage, both material and immaterial, and to promote, revive and develop it through sustainable and creative activities.

These activities must in particular contribute to the development of the region and thus serve the local population by providing them with long-term perspectives.

  1. Acquisition and renovation of old, historic buildings and their revival through new, contemporary concepts and activities. Development of gastronomy and hospitality projects in direct connection with the activities mentioned above. Construction of new buildings or in addition to existing ones with the objective of fulfilling the general purpose of the concept
  2. Youth education programs in the field of gastronomy and hospitality. Supporting young people during their studies, career guidance and career development. Promoting and orienting young people to increase the capacity to develop companies and development projects, on their own.
  3. Creating job opportunities for people with disabilities or in difficult life situations
  4. Initiatives to gain experience and build on the own capacity:
  5. Supporting or managing some model enterprises with innovative products and services, where professional development and responsible management of enterprises are promoted.
  6. Educating and supporting regional producers in the field of food production, agriculture and biological and other similar activities.
  7. Promotion of activities and services in art and culture that are related to or approach, either as a supplement or an expansion.