Not just one cuisine. State of the art – cooking.

Our menu is bold and balanced. It combines regional ingredients with local, but also international, recipes and brings a new gastronomic experience to Sibiu.

Our dishes are based on premium quality of used ingredients, which are always fresh through careful selection of the suppliers we work with. We also frequently use local products produced exclusively for our restaurant.

The menu is seasonal and is changed four times a year depending on the season. We can therefore take advantage of natural cyclicality and enjoy the abundance and taste of products when they are naturally available.

The summer menu is rich in vegetables and fruit in which light and freshness predominate. You’ll find combinations of tastes that will delight you during this period of year.

The drinks menu complements our culinary offer in a natural way. The drinks contained in it have been selected to match our dishes as well as to provide a relaxed lunch or evening on their own.

When selecting the wines, we took care to have a well-balanced offer of different types of wine and to offer a regional or Romanian variant for each type of wine. Thus, most of our wines come from Romania, but we also offer wines from the Republic of Moldova, Italy, Germany, Austria, but also South America.

Another special feature of our wine list is that we offer a total of 12 open wines. With this we would like to give our customers the possibility and support them to taste also high quality wines.

The cocktails of the house are based on the creativity of our bartender Roxana, who has spoiled us from the first day on with new tastes and combinations and which convey vacation feelings. Besides alcohol cocktails we also have a new range of mocktails, delicious non-alcoholic drinks. We can hardly wait to invite you to try them.