Our restaurant “Max – The Original”, on Ocneistreet 22, is open!

Max – The Original was opened in the unique atmosphere of the carefully restored and tastefully furnished house at Ocneistreet 22.

The restaurant is characterized not only by the elegance and feeling of warmth that the historic building exudes, but also by a new way of gastronomy.

“We want Max – The Original to be a place full of memories for families, friends, business partners and tourists, where they like to meet and feel comfortable. Max-The Original is a work of art in its entirety, whose versatility we use to encourage people to discover their own originality. “” This is how Alina Raba, one of the restaurant’s managers, describes the vision of Max-The Original.

The history of the building begins a long time ago in the 14th century, when it was used as a leather workshop. In the course of time several changes and additions were made to the building.

When Max Schweizer came to Sibiu in 2004, the building was in a dilapidated state. Max fell in love with this house and transformed it into an architectural jewel to open a restaurant where the customer feels as if he had taken a short trip in time. A journey for which all the original valuables were preserved, restored and appreciated.

Chef-ul restaurantului, Alexandru Popa

Max-The Original is all about taste and surprising culinary experiences. It is about enjoying food, and this vision is emphasized by the restaurant’s chef, Alexandru Popa, a taste artist who invites people to discover local ingredients through an original culinary approach.

“With the new menu, we want to promote the authentic and natural taste of local ingredients through an original culinary approach. Because Max-The Original is not just about food, it’s about enjoying the food, it’s about experiencing something when you go to a restaurant. ” – says Alexandru Popa, the chef of the restaurant.

MAX the Original

The doors of Max-The Original Terrace were opened on Thursday, August 13. The terrace is actually a garden, an oasis of relaxation. Oleanders, roses and climbing plants give you the feeling of being far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and in the evening the atmosphere, which is complemented by the diffuse light, is enchanting. It is the perfect place to enjoy a special, fresh cocktail.

Max – The Original is not just a restaurant, a building or a team. It is a place with an aura that reaches far beyond Sibiu.