Not just a team. A family…”Max – The Original.” family.

The “Max – The Original.” -Team consists of people who share the same values and identify with the vision of our restaurant. In everything we do, we strive to make “Max – The Original” a place where family, guests, friends, but also business partners feel at ease. The versatility of the building, but also the specialties of our cuisine and our drinks should always positively surprise our customers and help them to expand their own world of experience or to discover their own uniqueness and originality.

Founding member of our “Max – The Original.” team and also the one who decisively defined our vision is Max Schweizer. It was his decision to open this restaurant and in the first step he has gained two long-time business partners and friends: Alice Herlan and Cornel Raba. Alice has been advising Max in all financial and tax matters since the beginning of his activities in Romania, Cornel was responsible for the renovation and restoration of the building on Ocnei 22. Together they looked for someone who would embody this vision day by day and be a warm and open host for our clients.